Festival of healthy sauna, relaxation ceremonies and original peeling. A unique international event open to the general public, to all enthusiastic people interested in sauna and nature. We bring experiences! The program is rich and purely natural. You will experience and smell herbs, essences, incense. Look forward to healing macerates, cleansing brooms, fragrant teas and spices. Just the power of plants in many forms. We combine sauna, nature and relaxation! All this for the greatest experience, benefit and pleasure! Demonstrations of the best art are the attraction of the festival. The finale brings together 20 top saunas from all over Europe. Look forward to competitions:

  • Peeling procedures
  • Relaxing sauna ceremonies

We continue in tradition. We are inspired by shamans of the past and present. We are looking for natural energy sources. Join!

Main competition program

Relaxing herbal ceremonies

A special category of sauna ceremonies aimed at calming and recharging forces. Amazing atmosphere with pleasant music, subdued light and subtle scents. Even here, natural ingredients have the main say, we are at the Sauna Herbal Cup! Contestants present their original concept of working with herbs or spices, extracts of aromatic plants, brooms. Everyone is preparing a special mix of essential oils. Competition ceremonies are something you will never forget! We will smell you both inside and out. This type of ceremony does not bring a story built like in a sauna theater. But even here you can find yourself in distant countries, exotic cities, wildlife … The jury evaluates the work of the sauna, the quality of the ceremony, professionalism, hygiene, work with heat and special aromatherapy and the use of nature. Enter the sauna and let yourself be carried away to the kingdom of peace. Experience another dimension of adventure sauna!


The main attraction of the Sauna Herbal Cup, for eyes, nose and body. Royal procedures in the unique concept of our competitors. Scrubs and scraps, body care, face masks, aromatherapy in the steam bath. Saunas perform caring and beautifying treatments using quality products, interesting combinations of herbs and other natural ingredients. It is necessary to be able to mix peeling well, use imagination and use knowledge. But also very important is the presentation – design and explanation of the procedure and purpose of the procedure. Everything is evaluated. Peelings are displayed as real works of art, beautiful to the eye. A highly attractive part of the competition! You’ll love it. Are you looking forward to the steam bath now? The sauna manages the procedure, distributes his products and informs about everything. Enter the next-generation steam bath! With royal care, beauty and aroma!

Accompanying program

Traditional and unconventional approaches, hot news and trends. Loaded out-of-competition program. Whisk procedures, smoke rituals, music therapy, workshops. Simply natural sauna with all the trimmings. Even for you!

National qualifications

Only 20 of the best compete in the final! The winners of the qualifying rounds in individual countries are advancing. Local competitions are prepared by the national SAUNA HERBAL CENTERS involved in the SAUNA HERBAL EVENTS network.

Country qualifications:


International final

November 24 – 27, 2022

Aquapalace Praha

7th Annual Sauna Herbal Cup


Details and link to tickets soon here and on our social networks…

Faces of Sauna Herbal Cup

Pang Lay Ong

Pang Lay Ong

Denmark / Malaysia

International sauna specialist, celebrity of relaxation procedures.
Janos Zelenak

Janos Zelenak


Organizer of sauna events, trainings and championships – Aufguss.hu.
Lasse Eriksen

Lasse Eriksen


Event organizer, innovator, devotee of traditional sauna ceremonies – Farris Bad.
Martijn Vanhoorelbeke

Martijn Vanhoorelbeke


Aromatherapist, founder of Loyly Masters & Aromen.


Sauna Herbal Cup was born in 2013. Pavel Hofrichter, Radovan Štícha and Tomáš Drápal invented the competition and organized a unique meeting of saunaers from several countries. For the first time in the Relax Center Kolštejn. The main idea of the project is to use exclusively natural products from the beginning. For sauna and accompanying procedures.

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